Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Ouya-ltimate Inspiration

First off, I would like to say that I meant to post this yesterday, but because of the freak show storm, Sandy that didn't happen.  I didn't even understand how I lost power.  Let me explain real quick: I live in Virginia so I was only expecting to get hit by winds, rain, and cold temperatures.  But apparently last night's rain storm was enough to knock out power in certain parts of the city.  The thing is, my apartment building is only a year old, so being relatively new, it has underground power lines (so it would have to be a strong or abnormally dedicated storm to take out our power).  It also took an unbelievably long time to come back.  Short story is: had no power meant I had no internet.

Now for the news:  I hope you liked the title there, took me all of 10 secs to come up with it.  What with the really neat looking Android console Ouya coming out at some point, I figured if I was going to be part of an open source community, this would be it.  And what better way of doing that, is by using the game that I have been developing for quite some time and turn it into an Android game.  Because of this decision I am scrapping most of the progress I had made (not a lot) and starting over to make the game more Android appropriate (I actually kinda don't know what I meant to say there, but whatevs).  Right now I am working overtime on making a good story for the game as well as planning what mechanics and other things I want the game to have.  This is the first time I have ever used Microsoft OneNote so extensively.

I have also put a little more time in learning how to draw decent 2d art on the computer, but until most of the important story work is done I won't focus as much on art yet.  Still trying to decide whether 3/4 perspective or isometric view would work better for the game.  Most of this is all a planning phase however, seeing as the development kit for the Ouya has not been released yet.  But to sum it all up, these are my plans for the game I have been working on for so long now.


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