Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Star Wars: Old republic has gone free-to-play

So yesterday I decided to go to the Old Republic website to see how the game was holding up and was both shocked and happy to see the post about the game going free-to-play.  Now normally when I see a decent MMO go free-to-play (which is not as often as you think) it usually means that they aren't doing very well.  Now most of the games I have seen do this are games that are not exactly mainstream so obviously they would have problems being popular (sometimes), but the only really popular MMO that went F2P was City of Heroes which did end up shutting down its servers.

Again I know that going F2P doesn't necessarily mean that a game is having problems but given my past experiences with MMOs that have gone F2P, I sincerely hope it isn't true ( I doubt it is true).  Now about the part about me being excited.  Yes I will definitely start playing the game again (although technically the first time was just a free trial).  They do have the option of paying subscriptions available which will obviously have advantages over free accounts.  There will probably be (or there already is) a special shop to purchase upgrades or cosmetic items for characters.  Don't care, I am just glad I will finally get to play the game.  If you like Star Wars and the Knights of the Old Republic series then I would definitely recommend this game.  I wrote two articles on this game last year so give them a good read too: SWTOR Game Review and STWOR Classes.


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