Monday, December 10, 2012

Game Notes for my Game Project

So for my developing game project which I intend to design for the Ouya is going pretty well.  For the most part I am still coming up with a lot of notes to get my game to a coherent start.  If your interested in seeing my official game notes here is the link:

The thing is that I won't really be able to get any real development done until I get a hold of the ODK (Ouya Development Kit).  And the earliest release of this kit is the special Ouya Dev kit which I have no hope of getting a hold of.  That being said it can't hurt to try.  If you would like to see this game get released sooner than later, help me get a hold of an early Dev console, by heading over to my twitter page and retweeting all of my tweets with the #myouyagame in them (or at least the one that also contains the link to my official game notes).  here is the link to my twitter page:


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