Friday, December 7, 2012

Progress on my game as it currently stands

After shifting through many ideas I had drawn out and getting the opinions of friends and family that play video games, I have finally generated a general idea of the theme for my game: a post-apocalyptic fantasy role playing game.  Not only that but I also got quite a head start in planing out the world and civilization, getting a general idea of how I would like the world to function.  I have also been jotting down ideas that come to mind in terms of how quests, combat, exploration and other things may work.  However, I won't be focusing on these to much at the moment as I would like to focus on building the world for the game.  To do that I intend to build up the world and civilization up to the point before everything went to hell, by then I would hopefully have come up with a decent and, for the most part, original apocalypse at which time I will start to tear my world a part and turn it into a beautiful wasteland .

Now for some fun facts in regards to this game:

-The game will most likely use 2d graphics

-even though it is fantasy, I will give it a touch of science and technology for a unique fantasy theme (you can probably picture what I mean in your head), after all I would like my game to present magic as more than just a means of healing and blowing shit up (don't worry you will still be able to do this)

-Target console:  When I was still planning to make a 2d game, my target console (or technically device/OS) was iOS and/or Android.  However I felt that if and when my game does get released, it would just get lost under the thousands of apps already in the respective app stores (I want my game to actually get noticed and played after all).  So several months (before I made the switch to 3d graphics) I decided to choose a new target console: Ouya.  When I first heard about this thing I thought it was a really cool idea and still do.  I really hope they release the SDK for it before the consoles release so that I can get a head start in programming the game.

-MOST IMPORTANT DETAIL:  Being an undergrad student, I am busy with school work most of the time, but I do try to spend most of my free time working on this game (and re-polish certain non programming skills).  The fact that I just got most of my general ideas set for this game now, after several months of planning on it speaks volumes as to how busy this semester was.  But fortunately this was my most difficult semester, but I do foresee a lot of school work in the future.  That being said, will NOT give up on this game.  Even now I can see it turning into something great and I will see it through.  With any luck I may find at least one person would be willing to dedicate his/her time to help me complete this game.

I will do my best to try and devote my winter break to work on this project, but I unfortunately may be going in for surgery some time after Christmas to have my wisdom teeth removed. But hopefully recovery isn't that bad....right?  Until next time.


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