Friday, January 25, 2013

Game Development taking a new direction

So that apocalyptic fantasy game I was designing has taken on a new direction entirely.  I've been working a lot on developing the story with what little free time I have this semester, and it has led to some pretty dramatic changes.

Really the only change I feel I should mention right, which is probably the most dramatic one, is that it is no longer a post apocalyptic fantasy rpg game.  Creating a story for an rpg was in itself a very time consuming and difficult thing for me to handle, not to mention that for my story I needed to create a world before and after the event that destroyed civilization.  In the end, it was looking to be a very large game with a lot of complicated mechanics and the Ouya only has about 8GB.  So the new direction is an adventure game with role playing elements.  And I am not doing a post apocalyptic story anymore as well, making it easier to develop a world, a simple history that still explains key things really well, and still make it big enough to be fun to explore.

I already have some general ideas for the story, world, and characters, as well as view decent starting rough drafts but that's all I really want to share at the moment.  Well actually, again since the memory is small, I will most likely not be making a 3D game but rather a 2D instead.  Hopefully things will get easier as I get farther along.


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