Saturday, February 9, 2013

Path of Exile: Consuming my free time since start of Open Beta

I actually found out about Path of Exile a week before Open Beta started from my friend in college who I play League of Legends with frequently.  As soon as he told me about it, I went to the site and took a look at it.  It looked really nice and figured I could give a try, so I made an account so that I would be ready for Open Beta.  I am still playing it to this day, I just find it to be so much fun.  I am not saying it's the greatest game ever or anything, after all it's gone tons of bugs and stuff (but that's because it's still in beta), but that doesn't take away from the fun for me.  Right now, I have three characters: a witch (she was my first, although I didn't like the way her build turned out so I may delete her), a shadow (really enjoy), and a templar (solo farming).  That's all I really want to say for now.  I know it's kind of a lame post, but I didn't really want to talk about the game much until at a point where I felt like writing a review.

Off topic:  Game development progess:
-programming is still at a stand still
-story development is moving along just fine
-haven't even thought about doing art yet
-still haven't got around to embedding twitter feed for small time blog news to blog yet

Until next time.


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