Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tera Online - Inspiration to build a new PC

So a while ago, last month I believe, Tera Online implemented free to play, and ever since it did I have been playing it a lot.  It's just so much fun and everything about it is amazing.  The environment is beautiful, the characters and races are beautiful, and the game play is just amazing.  Unfortunately, I can't enjoy the game to the full extent because my laptop's video card (NVS 3100M) is not supported.  I can still run the game, just not very well.  In fact there are a lot of games that I try to play but have a hard time doing so because of my graphics card.  But before I started playing Tera I've never really felt motivated to build a new PC that would be better suited for gaming.  Of course Tera is not the only reason to build it, but it is what has gotten me started.  I've already looked up most of the parts that I need, the only problem is that I need to get a hold of a job close to college so that I don't have to wait until summer time to go home and work.  It's won't be top the line but it will still look kind of sweet.  Until next time.


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